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Depression…What You Can Do About It (plenty)

Jul 17, 10 Depression…What You Can Do About It (plenty)

Depression is a frustrating illness because it doesn’t always get better by itself. In fact, the symptoms that come with depression, such as low self esteem and lack of energy or motivation, are the very things that can make it both seem and get worse. And if you’re depressed, you’re not likely to be optimistic, so you may see taking any action as pointless. DO IT ANYWAY! YOU’LL FEEL BETTER FOR IT!

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Therapy by Skype

Jul 15, 10 Therapy by Skype

You can now do focusing oriented therapy sessions from the comfort of your home.
Leslie Ellis now offers sessions via phone or Skype, an environmentally-friendly alternative to meeting in person. While in-person sessions are usually preferable, phone sessions are a valuable and effective alternative for those clients who cannot travel because of bad weather or illness. Technology is now making it possible to have sessions with clients around the world.
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Recommended Books and Video

Jul 09, 10 Recommended Books and Video

Focusing, Eugene Gendlin, Ph.D., Bantam Books, 1981

Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapy: A Manual of the Experiential Method, Eugene Gendlin, The Guildford Press, 1996.

The Radical Acceptance of Everything: Living a Focusing Life, Ann Weiser Cornell, Caluna Press, 2005.

Person-Centred Therapy: The Focusing-Oriented Approach, Campbell Purton, Palgrave Macmillan, 2004.

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Begin Your Inner Journey…

Jul 02, 10 Begin Your Inner Journey…

How we feel on the inside affects and colors what we experience in the world around us. We may not have much control over life’s inevitable ups and downs, but I believe we can do a lot about how we respond to what life brings. In my practice and training programs, I use focusing-oriented therapy and Jungian techniques that offers ways to tend to your inner life so you can feel calm and in control, even in a storm.

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