How to apply – course fees


The fee structure is designed to be as flexible and affordable as possible. This program is designed so participants can pay as they go.

Workshop fees will be due at the time of registration for the workshop and are typically $340 (plus HST = $380.80) for two-day workshops and $170 (plus HST = $190.40) for one-day courses.

Supervision fees for FOT certification candidates will be $100 (plus HST = $112) per hour for individual supervision, and $70 (plus HST = $78.40) per 3-hour group session. These fees are payable at the time of service and subject to change.

There will be a one-time administrative cost of $200 (plus HST = $224) for reviewing the final application for certification, which will include a review of all focusing and supervision logs and review of the final DVD.

Candidates are responsible for their fees to join the Focusing Institute and for keeping these up to date. Currently the initial FOT certification fee is $375.


Please mail or email the following information:

  • Name, address, phone numbers, email address
  • Educational background
  • Experience and education as a therapist
  • Brief statement of intent

Deposit: Please send an email payment or a cheque for $200 (plus HST = $224) to secure your place in the program. Or, if you would like to pay by visa, I can email you a paypal link. This will cover administration costs related to certification, including review of your interim and final DVDs.

Mail to: Leslie Ellis, 4505 Stonehaven Ave., North Vancouver, BC, V7G 1E7 or email: lae(at)