FOT Certification Program

Ongoing enrollment for Focusing-Oriented Therapy (FOT) certification

Thank you for your interest in becoming certified as a Focusing-Oriented therapist. You will find that the skills you learn truly deepen the work with your clients, bringing the body and immediacy into every session. You will also leave the program feeling adept at working safely with trauma in the body.

Registration is ongoing, with the Introduction to Focusing courses offered every spring and fall. Contact us to be added to the wait list, or to find out how you can join the program. The program is open to practitioners and students of psychotherapy and related mental health professions. If you are considering attending, be sure to sign up for the next Introduction to Focusing course as this a prerequisite for all other courses and practice sessions.

According to course participant Donna Steadman, who splits her time between addictions counselling at a Langley-based agency and her private practice, “I am currently taking Leslie’s FOT certification training, and I can say without hesitation that this is the best training I have ever had! I get so much out of every session; I highly recommend her courses.”

Participants are introduced to the basics of focusing, including the various approaches which have developed since Eugene Gendlin first ‘found’ focusing in 1968. Advanced courses cover the safe and effective use of focusing with trauma and follow the methods developed by trauma expert Shirley Turcotte. We also weave in current practices derived from the latest research in neurobiology and affective neuroscience.

The course is designed to be flexible, affordable and practical. Participants are given plenty of hands-on, supervised focusing practice throughout the year so that they leave feeling confident and skilled in this gentle yet powerful, body-oriented therapy technique.



Current Focusing Program Dates for 2012/2013

Please see the Focusing Training page for the current schedule.