Leslie Ellis provides counselling for adult and adolescent clients who seek treatment for:

  • depression
  • anxiety
  • recovery from trauma/PTSD
  • relationship issues
  • body image/eating disorders
  • addiction
  • grief or loss
  • life transitions
  • enhanced creativity
  • personal/spiritual growth

Leslie generally works one-on-one with her clients (although she sees some couples). Sessions are 50 minutes, and typically clients attend sessions weekly or every two weeks. The duration of the therapy varies depending on the issues we are working through — some clients get what they need in a session or two, and some stay in therapy for years, or come and go as issues arise in their lives where they need support. The duration of therapy is typically about 6 month, but this is always up to the client.

Call 604.787.6430 to book your session or to speak with Leslie:

If you have any questions, or simply want to have a chat with me on the phone to see if there is a ‘fit’, these calls are free of charge. It’s important to choose your therapist carefully, and to find someone with whom you feel safe and comfortable, and whose approach resonates with you. The quality of the therapeutic relationship is key to the success of the therapy, so I encourage all prospective clients to make this choice with care, and to see our initial conversations and session as a way to ‘test the waters’ to see if we can work well together.