Leslie Ellis uses a client-centered approach to psychotherapy, which allows clients to be the guide to their own healing process. My approaches range from practical and calming in crisis management to deep exploration of implicit patterns in body-oriented focusing or dreamwork. My approach is always tailored to the individual needs and desires of my clients.

As a therapist, Leslie stays very current and employ the methodology backed by current psychological and brain research. Current findings suggest that a cognitive approach is not sufficient for those seeking to make lasting changes to the way they process emotion, handle stress or navigate relationships. There must also be a right-brain-biased, relational, emotion-based and body-oriented approach to the work.

Focusing was developed by Eugene Gendlin in response to the question: why do some people get better in therapy while others do not? The answer was surprising. It had less to do with the therapist’s skill or method, and more to do with what the client was doing inside him or herself. Successful therapy clients naturally sense inside for a bodily felt sense of an issue, and let their own inner guidance move them forward from there

Over the past 30 years, Gendlin and others have taken this research and developed focusing steps so that anyone can learn this beneficial skill. Leslie Ellis has been using and teaching focusing oriented therapy for more than ten years, and is adept at gently leading her clients into their felt experience of any situation. What emerges from this way of working are new ways of being with what might have seemed like stuck or intractable situations. Focusing literally brings a breath of fresh air into stale, stuck places in our psyche.


Dreamwork is a way of deepening and accelerating the therapy process by getting underneath our conscious, well-worn thoughts about our life’s path and into what is working on us from our depths. Dreams have a way of ‘cutting to the chase’ by taking us directly to what concerns us most. They have an elegant way of telling it like it is, laying bare the issues with which we are wrestling.

Dreams can also bring in a depth of creativity and spirituality to the therapy sessions. Dreams can be surprising, fascinating, disturbing, mysterious and healing. Understanding the language of our dreams and experiencing their meaning can lead us closer to our life’s true purpose.
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