Befriend yourself.
Using focusing, dreamwork, and a client-centred approach to counselling, Leslie Ellis helps her clients explore their life’s greatest challenges from the inside out… to move towards healing and lasting change.
Typically, Leslie’s clients are adults and adolescents — men and women of all ages — who see her for individual counselling. In their sessions, clients are invited to explore the ways they can deepen their relationship to themselves — to soften the inner critic, and to become more conscious of the ways they can both help and sometimes unconsciously hinder relationships, and smooth travels on life’s journey.
Many clients use the sessions to work on solving their life’s problems: to take steps towards recovery from depression, anxiety, trauma, difficult life transitions, addictions, grief and/or relationship issues.

Others come for personal growth, to enhance creativity, and/or to find deeper meaning in their lives. No matter what your therapy goal, you can expect to experience a compassionate, non-judgmental approach that takes your unique, individual desires and needs into account.