A new understanding of grieving

Feb 10, 11 A new understanding of grieving

(This article by Leslie Ellis appeared in a recent issue of Insights into Clinical Counselling)

Although the classic stages of grieving delineated by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross over 40 years ago are well known and widely accepted, more current research shows that grieving does not follow such a tidy, linear formula but comes more in waves or in a spiral pattern unique to each person, and to the particular loss they are grieving. To heal from grief is now seen as less about letting go and moving on, and more about finding constructive ways to hold on to what was meaningful about the person or thing they have lost.

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Begin Your Inner Journey…

Jul 02, 10 Begin Your Inner Journey…

How we feel on the inside affects and colors what we experience in the world around us. We may not have much control over life’s inevitable ups and downs, but I believe we can do a lot about how we respond to what life brings. In my practice and training programs, I use focusing-oriented therapy and Jungian techniques that offers ways to tend to your inner life so you can feel calm and in control, even in a storm.

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