Begin Your Inner Journey…

Jul 02, 10 Begin Your Inner Journey…

How we feel on the inside affects and colors what we experience in the world around us. We may not have much control over life’s inevitable ups and downs, but I believe we can do a lot about how we respond to what life brings. In my practice and training programs, I use focusing-oriented therapy and Jungian techniques that offers ways to tend to your inner life so you can feel calm and in control, even in a storm.

Focusing-oriented therapy is about looking inside — slowing down enough to listen to that ‘still small voice’ inside of yourself that really knows, from a very deep place, what is best for you right now. I believe everyone has an innate drive toward wholeness, and that each individual is ultimately his or her own best guide to what is helpful or healing.

I also know that finding this deep place and staying with it is much more difficult to do alone than it is with a companion or guide. It is helpful and powerful to have a witness to your journey towards happiness, peaceful relationships, success in work… or whatever your current goals are. It is also healing to have a witness to your pain and the stuck places that prevent you from reaching your fullest potential.

Counselling clients can expect to find a calm, open-minded companion in their inner journey. Focusing-oriented therapy is gentle and safe, and has been found to be an excellent therapy for trauma, PTSD, anxiety and depression. I see my role as one of support, active listening and as a focusing guide — facilitating deeper connection with your authentic self.

Focusing offers concrete steps that work for everyone — and for many it comes naturally. It begins with sensing into your body, but in a more meditative, detached and curious way than you might if you were sensing whether or not you’re hungry, tired, or some other, more surface-level feeling. It’s more of an ‘asking in’ to see how you are doing, really, underneath the mind’s chatter and your habitual worries or stresses. If you’ve ever known something ‘in your bones’ or had a strong ‘gut feeling’ about something, you already have a sense of focusing. I’d be happy to show you more.

For therapists, counsellors, psychologists and other healing professionals, I offer a range of courses in focusing-oriented therapy, all the way from introductory workshops to full-year programs leading to certification with the international Focusing Institute in New York, NY. Feel free to explore the section on Focusing Training for more information.