Focusing Training

Feb 25, 08 Focusing Training

Focusing… the key to moving ‘life-forward ‘

Focusing was developed out of the discovery that in order to heal and move forward in therapy, there must be a bodily-felt, experiential component to the work. Just thinking and talking about an issue can bring insight, but not real and lasting change.

Focusing is a methodology that can be used with virtually any treatment modality to deepen and enrich the experiential aspect of the process. It has been found to be especially helpful in working safely with trauma and PTSD, where much of the effects are stored in the body. It has also been successfully applied for clients with depression, anxiety and grief and other issues.

Leslie Ellis is a certifying coordinator with The Focusing Institute in New York, and offers a variety of courses for therapists from introductory to full year-long certification programs. She also runs an ongoing supervision group  in focusing-oriented psychotherapy. The group is open to advanced students who have learned the basics of focusing and are using focusing in their practice.

Go to our course catalog for a complete list of the courses now available in the Vancouver area.

Leslie Ellis also travels to teach, and offers her workshops to groups who are interested in bringing her to their location for training. For example, on Sept. 11 she offered a one-day workshop for BCAA members in the Fraser Valley Region to introduce members to the basics of focusing. Contact Leslie directly to set up a training for your organization.